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This page will not only give you easy to read details on the waterproofing procedures and help you identify your leaking issues,  we will also give you the Australian standards that are required for each bathroom in western Australia specifically. We will also provide you with tips and must-do requirements that we have learned from waterproofing bathrooms for over 25+ years

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Why Is My Shower Leaking?

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Almost 60% of bathroom renovations that we do in Perth is due to an issue with either rising dampness or leaks. It’s like an untreated disease that in time like all diseases left becomes worse and worse. So the question is have an I got this issue in my bathroom? and if so what has caused this unsightly horrible mould ridden wall disease.

Well first using a combination of dot points and visual images we will show you the most common signs of rising dampness. Now ask yourself: ·

  • Are your tiles protruding from their natural position on the wall

  • Do your tiles have a hollow sound when you knock them

  • Has paint been peeling from your walls/ceiling in the bathroom? ·

  • Has paint been peeling on the shared walls adjacent to (or outside) the bathroom? ·

  • You see swollen timbers or moldy/dirty skirting boards in or around the bathroom

  • Are you noticing a damp or musty smell in your house, or in the rooms nearest to the shower room? ·

  • Noticing damp carpet in the rooms adjacent to the bathroom? ·

  • Has mold been growing on the clothes and shoes that you keep in your wardrobe, or is there mold growing in places on walls and ceilings in your home? ·

  • Is your current shower hard to keep to keep clean?

  • Are the existing seals black and moldy? ·

  • Are there cracks in your shower tiles or cracks, or holes, in the grout?

Below are examples of rising dampness.