Laundry Renovations Perth Before & After

There is so much choice for laundry renovations in 2018 with flat pack setups making beautiful laundry cabinets more and more affordable. If you are looking for advice on your next laundry renovation click here for our 5 best tips for laundry renovation. All the before and afters below are laundry renovations we have done in Perth,…

How High To Tile In The Toilet

I am never one to upsell on too many items involved in renovations. What’s this got to do with the headline you might be asking, well tiling higher in any room will cost you more. Tiling is one of the hardest parts of a bathroom renovation. When I first started renovating my father who I seem to reference a lot in these posts would always say the tiling is what makes or breaks a bathroom as its the detail that people will pick apart the most from any lipping, contrasting grout lines to even if the drainage is not correct it grates on a person. So if you can nail the tiling you will nail the bathroom, with that notion it’s important to understand the higher you tile the more prominent that tiling will become. I usually do a pros and cons of something on a post but this one I will do it by the most frequently asked questions on the subject

5 Types of Bathroom Renovations

As I will explain in my closing statement simply put your taste is your taste. Renovations to me are a personal experience especially if you are renovating a home that you will be living in so why not have something that you love.  Yes, bathrooms have become more modern but if your style is more the classics why not integrate both. The list below are the 5 most common style of bathroom renovation

Bathroom Heating – Too Hot To Handle

Perth has a mixture of the Californian and Mediterranean climates, with mild winters and hot dry summers. Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia with an average of eight hours sunshine a day. This is the definition of the Perth climate and I used this as an intro to emphasise we are not the coldest place in the world. In saying this why not…

Before and After – Walk In Showers

Below is for bathrooms that utilise the walk-in shower. In most cases, they have removed the bath all together allowing for a large vanity and a big fixed panel walk-in shower. Generally, these layouts always make the room feel bigger because the original shower feels like a wall upon entry by moving this to the back of the room and replacing it with a vanity you see the whole room better. 

Using Bricks – 3 Shower Shelf Options

Shower accessories are dead, long live the brick storage. Now when I say a brick storage I am referring to the use of bricks to create a shelf or ledge in a shower area. The reason this has become more and more popular is the constant frustrations for people who have had a rusty shelf…

Before and After – Classic Bathroom Layout

Seeing examples of something is the easiest way to decide if you like it or not. One of the things i tell clients all the time is look at as many examples as you can when it comes to bathrooms. Now i’m not saying overwhelm your self i mean it more in a way of picking…