Before and After – Walk In Showers

Below is for bathrooms that utilise the walk-in shower. In most cases, they have removed the bath all together allowing for a large vanity and a big fixed panel walk-in shower. Generally, these layouts always make the room feel bigger because the original shower feels like a wall upon entry by moving this to the back of the room and replacing it with a vanity you see the whole room better. 

Using Bricks – 3 Shower Shelf Options

Shower accessories are dead, long live the brick storage. Now when I say a brick storage I am referring to the use of bricks to create a shelf or ledge in a shower area. The reason this has become more and more popular is the constant frustrations for people who have had a rusty shelf…

Before and After – Classic Bathroom Layout

Seeing examples of something is the easiest way to decide if you like it or not. One of the things i tell clients all the time is look at as many examples as you can when it comes to bathrooms. Now i’m not saying overwhelm your self i mean it more in a way of picking…

Before and After – Freestanding Bath Renovations

Our new series of coming articles will display and show off a little some of the great before after bathroom renovations we have completed. These are just a fraction of the bathrooms we do but each one we are incredibly proud of. The key to this style of layout is to understand that cleaning will…

Bathroom Tiling Trends of 2018

Renovations are about 90% preparation as my father would say and the other 10% should be an easier execution. Researching your bathroom is all about that preparation so it is crucial to follow the latest trends and see if they are right for you.

Creating a Child- Friendly Bathroom

Children are often at the forefront of what we do. Whether you have them, planning to have them or trying to get them out of your home they will be the first thought that comes to mind. Depending on the age of the child you may want to adapt your new bathroom to there needs as well without going totally overboard. Below are my 5 tips for creating a child-friendly bathroom renovation.

Choosing Bathroom Vanity Tops

One of the first impulses when choosing a vanity top is to get something that looks good, and that’s natural because they play a big role in the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Looks aren’t the whole picture because your countertops also serve a functional role. That’s why it’s important to stop and think about a few things such as

Semi-Framed or Frameless Shower Screens

Often there is a high degree of confusion on the difference between the semi-frameless and frameless showers screens. We at on the ball bathrooms will be the heroes you need and break down the difference between the two as well as the pros and cons of each style. Although a shower screen is functional, it can…

All Draws Vanity – Why People Love Them

All we have been doing lately seems to be all draws vanities. Its one of the first things I am asked when I do a quote. Can we have an all draws vanity? how does the vanity work with the plumbing?. My answer is, of course, yes and by the power of magic, we get that vanity to work!. All jokes aside I’m here to cover why more and more people are wanting this vanity configuration. Perth, Western Australia where all our bathroom renovations take place has had an explosion of choice. It feels like yesterday, well 10 years ago where you only had about 4 options for vanities and everything was a ceramic top but how things have changed you can pretty much get every configuration of vanity pre-made without spending five thousand dollars.

Nib Wall V Shower Gap

 Enough of me trumpeting my own horn lets get to what you are here for the classic debate of nib wall versus nothing or a gap lets call it. Most bathroom renovations we do in Perth, Western Australia have what I call the classic family bathroom gap. This is where the “gap” will occur between the shower screen and the vanity. Most likely if you have a bathroom like below you will have a very poor use of space as bathrooms built in this time were not designed for cleaning. The before photos for bathroom renovations we completed in Safety Bay and Canning Vale show you what not to do with spacing of vanities and shower screens