3 Cheaper Bathroom Renovation Tips

We are all looking to save money it’s in our nature well for some us (my wife would say i don’t know the meaning of the word.) With that said you have come here looking for advice on how to save on your bathroom renovation, whether you are looking for a cheap or cheaper bathroom renovation we will do our best to give you a few handy tips on where you can save money.

The costings for a bathroom renovation in Perth WA can vary from $5,000 to $50,000 it really comes down to your budget and what you are after to archive. I will give you a few tips to saving money that won’t affect the quality of the bathroom its self.

Below we will give you the three big tips on how you can save during the process of bathroom renovating.

1.Tiling Heights

Depending on the finish you are looking remember tiling is the hardest and often the most costly part of a bathroom renovation.  The three levels of tiling we do in our Perth Bathroom Renovations is Basic which depending on your tile will be around 300mm high around the room and 2.1m in the shower area. 1200mm around the room which usually works out to be one tile above the vanity around the room (Halfway) and 2.1m in the shower and finally full height.  Besides the effect of providing more light to a room (depending on the tile finish) tiling to the ceiling can cost thousands more. So you can save around $2000 by keeping it basic or 1.2m high. One of the key benefits of not tiling full height is you can change the walls to a feature color when you paint if you like opposed to tiling being done once and that is it.

This Kalamunda bathroom renovation below is an example of basic tiling. The key to this is white tiles can often have nice white paint to match so it looks like its tiled.

2. Pre-Made Vanity

Widths are usually set at 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm. In this day and age, you have a massive range of vanities with laminates, nice finishes and designs all in abundance. By getting something custom made you will be adding around $1500 -$2000  to your vanity price depending on size. One of the few times a client will request a custom made vanity is when vanity is located between walls with the sizing being nonstandard. Two options are available if we go down the Pre Made Vanity route one is you make the vanity smaller with a space for a bin or a hand towel like this renovation below. The key to this is the mirror makes the new space feel finish as its all in line.

The second option if the spacing between walls is an issue you can do what we call the side panels to finish which you can see in the bathroom renovation we have complete in Canning Vale below. You get a larger top and use a kicker as the finish on the side to create your own custom vanity. The top is the only real thing you see so it really feels custom made without the cost.

Canning Vale Bathrooms

Below are a few Pre Made vanities straight off the shelf we have installed that i love just give you some examples of what you can get within a tight bathroom budget.

Cheap Bathroom Renovations Perth

3. Pick The Right Shower Screen

There are two parts to this. For family bathroom renovations such as these two examples below you will often need to have a custom made shower screen. There are many reasons for this but effectively it’s for a much more practical and durable finish.

These types of bathroom renovations you will be asked whether you want to be framed. semi frameless or frameless showers for the pros and cons of each CLICK HERE. Cost wise you should always go for the semi-frameless shower screen if you are on a budget bathroom renovation or even that you are just not looking to not overspend. The main reason is Semi Frameless shower screens are really practical as they retain water better, you can change the frame to match modern Matte Black Tapware and lastly, it is often HALF the price of a frameless shower screen.

The most affordable shower screen when you are looking at doing a more affordable bathroom renovation is the fixed pre-made Panel frameless shower screen. This type of shower screen is the one I recommend where possible to save on space and your wallet. Fixed panel screens can only be used in certain configurations but can save you hundreds if not a $1000 that can go towards the holiday fund. Below are examples of the semi frameless shower screen in action mostly in Main Family Bathrooms.

Cheap Bathroom Renovations Perth

Below are some examples of the beautiful frame-less fixed panels


Cheap Bathroom Renovations Perth


When I quote I am always very cost conscience even to my own detriment. I think it’s important to first try and save the customer money and then if they are still wanting what they want you guide them in the best direction. Always be smart when renovating your bathroom. It if it’s your dream bathroom go crazy get what you want to, you will live with this bathroom every day of your life but as I always say “understand what you are wanting to what you are spending”. Meaning if you spend $1500 for a extra 10cm of vanity are you really getting your moneys worth. Most times it wont be but we over think these things. The flip side to this is if this is your forever bathroom then have it done the way you want it done as its YOUR bathroom.

All bathrooms are different with no two ever the same so it’s important to take our advice as just a guide to help you along the way. The advice we give is based on bathrooms completed in Perth WA. We at on the ball bathrooms love feed back. Let us know what you think, experiences you have had or any questions you would love to know the answer to. We will aim to help or give any piece of mind as we can as nothing would make us happier. If you are looking for a bathroom renovations quote and you live in Perth, Western Australia please don’t hesitate to send us an email at ontheballbathrooms@gmail.com or give us a call on 0419964678.

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