Pros and Cons – Window In Shower

We often want to get the most out of the space we have. This bathroom renovation in trend in Perth has become more and more popular. The obvious reasons people don’t do this renovation is cost and the fear of water on the window. Now yes there is a cost increase in something like this but the window aspect of it is not really a factor. Depending on the window you have it will generally be waterproof. It’s just important to ask whoever is doing your bathroom renovation whether or not they think this will have issues down the track

The three main reasons why you would do this are.

  • To create space in a room that has not enough space.
  • The ability to build a walk-in shower for someone who is either wanting ease of access or an appearance of a larger bathroom
  • Wanting a large double shower

These are the most commons reasons but below I will give you examples of bathroom renovations we have done in Dianella, Thornlie, Perth and Armadale

Bathroom Renovations Jandakot
On the Ball Bathrooms
Bathrooms Armadale


Bathrooms Atwell


Bathrooms Dianella


Let me know what you think comment below or if you are looking for a quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

We at on the ball bathrooms specialise in waterproofing and practical bathroom renovations that have a wow factor. We always look to save you money with the best advice possible but also be proud of something that is a lot of physical and emotional work.

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