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What is a rimless toilet you might ask? well, your helper in cleaning is what it is.  With no edges, gaps or angles on the inside of the pan’s surface, the rimless design of this toilet means fewer areas for germs to accumulate for a more hygienic bathroom. The toilet we installed in a bathroom renovation in Roleystone used the Caroma Forma BTW Rimless toilet and though the outside is similar to most back to wall toilets the inside is a big difference.


Rimless Toilet Perth


Easy cleaning

As well as being more hygienic, the rimless nature of the toilet also makes it a breeze to clean. Also look for back-to-wall toilets which are installed flush against the wall – this will mean you won’t have to clean the toilet pan awkwardly and try to get into the nooks and crannies.


They are quite expensive in relation to most toilets. You are looking at about $1000 dollars more on some toilets to get this feature so it’s more of a luxury item but something to consider for those clean freaks like me out there. Most of the toilet renovation we do in Perth have space for a toilet like this so keep that in mind when you are doing your next renovation.

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