Pros and Cons Of Brass Tapware


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Brass Tapware Perth WA


Rose gold and other brass tapware have been taking off as one the biggest trends of the last few years. Below are some of the pros and cons of this style of tapware. Brass tapware is limited in Perth but our bathroom renovation suppliers are starting to bring more and more options in as the trend grows. This bathroom renovation in como below uses brass in its best finish all the modern trends you could want.

Como Bathroom Renovation – On the Ball Bathrooms


  • When you combine the plated and organic brass tapware finishes create natural and earthy feeling tones. The organic elements though trendy sounding really have a classic feel to them they are also more environmentally friendly
  • The finish of bras is warm. Not by touch but by vibe it brings to your bathroom space. It’s a strange contradiction but it’s the most natural feeling you will get with any bathroom tapware and really has a wow factor when putting into the right setting


Bathrooms Jandakot On the Ball Bathrooms


  • It’s a very niche look. Brass often is viewed as way too rustic or old-fashioned by the mass public bathroom renovators.
  • Like all tapware that has a dark shade or color, it can really lose its luster over time which is not the classic look you really want.
  • In Perth can be very costly to purchase from a reputable vendor but prices are coming down.

There is not many pros and cons to really cover for brass tapware. It’s a really specific vibe that it creates in your bathroom renovation so it important to take your style of bathroom into consideration. In our bathroom renovation blog, we try to give you all the options out there and let you know make up your mind. You have to look it every day of your life so make sure you love it.


Rose Gold Bathrooms Perth
Brass Tapware Perth

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