Pros and Cons Of Black Bathroom Tapware

IMG_6445_edited (1)2015 to 2018 are the year’s black bathroom tapware have been all the rage and does not seem to be letting up. What is the reason for this you might say, well besides the greater range we now have there is something about black tapware that can make a room pop!. Below is a list of the pros and cons of black tapware


The Pro’s of Black Bathroom Tapware


We all know what black and white look like. We have either painted a wall or put the combo together in some form or the other in our homes. The reason is the color is versatile and it goes with almost all designs we have so it makes it easier to choose. All in all its different but familiar so that neutral colour won’t offend many If any.

Black Tapware Perth


Compared to chrome it won’t show finger marks anywhere near as much. This is great for if bathroom cleaning drives you up the wall!. Despite this though it can be prone to damage which I will cover in Con’s.


Black Tapware Perth



The cost of black tapware has plummeted over the last couple of years. That’s not to say the quality has dropped it’s more the popularity has made the manufacturers and retailers order more and more. Unlike two years ago you were paying $500 + for a black mixer you are now looking as low as $80! That’s unreal in such a short period of time.

Black Tapware Bathrooms Perth


The reality is it has a wow factor. I personally love marble tiles and when you combine that with the black tap ware it really sets off the look of classic and modern without being too extreme being it’s subtle but masculine. This black shower combo used in a bathroom renovation in Willetton really pops against that white background.


Cons of Black Tapware

The Reality

Mostly all the cons revolve around the black part so I will put it into one. Black tapware will fade over a long period of time unless you take quite a lot of care when cleaning it. You could only really ever use warm water and lemon staying away from any heavy chemicals what so ever. It does also scratch a lot easier during the installation process where tools are flying about be careful as i have heard countless stories on one wrong move and bang a deep eye popping scratch.


Like any trend, it may date. It’s not really known how long it will last the test of time but compared to something like a brass or rose gold the black fitting will in my opinion date less over time.


Black Bathroom Fittings Perth



Black can be overpowering if you use too much of it so it’s important to treat it like any feature. I personally love the look of it but do worry in the wrong setting it may look out of place in a few years time. In Perth, the bathroom renovations we do in 2018 almost half contain some sort of half black fittings so it definitely is picking up in popularity. Always be careful when renovating to look + look and look more at what you like as if you don’t like it before it goes in you won’t love it once it is in. The bathroom renovation below from Kelmscott Western Australia went for black on black so you be the judge!

If you would like to check out how black tapware has been used to make a modern twist on Black and White Bathrooms more relevant in 2018 check the link below

Black and White Bathrooms 2.0 


We at on the ball bathrooms do our best to make sure you get the most out of your bathroom renovation. In Perth, bathrooms are what we do best so if you are looking to get a bathroom renovation quote or just looking for advice we are always here to help.

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  1. John says:

    I love the idea of black tapware. Such a stylish way of adding luxury to your kitchen, bathroom and home.

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