It’s Black or White? Grouting Advice

Grout is often the forgotten element in a renovation, yet it has the power to change a look of an entire room! So what is the difference between dark or light grout? White grout has been popular for years, because of its clean and sterile look when paired with white or light tiles. Because of this, it is commonly placed in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. The below bathroom renovation completed in Rivervale, Perth Western Australia used white in the opposite way to bring out the grey in the subway tiles. Often different colored grout is used in subway tiles to show off the tiling but if you only use white as you can see below it looses some of its features.

Dark Grout


Bathroom Renovations Leeming 


Dark grout can transform a space, making it dramatic and captivating. When using tiles, such as the subway tiles in the above example, they can exaggerate the direction of the space, and create a visual linkage between elements in the room. And since they are so much easier to keep clean, they might just be the perfect solution to your bathroom!

Just remember white grout is a blend and dark grout is a feature we only see the items that stand out so if you want to make the grout of your bathroom the feature go with the darker. If the tiles are not the place you want you and everyone you show it off to seeing, then definitely go the white grout.


Bathrooms Willetton


We at on the ball bathrooms always try to give you the best advice as possible if you do have any questions about your bathroom renovation or you would like a quote for you bathroom renovation project in Perth we are always happy to help. Please go to our website at


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