What Is a Mitred Edge

The below video is a description and presentation of what a tiled mitred edge is. The mitred edge is one of the three main options involved in tiling external corners during your bathroom renovation.
The video above was filmed during a bathroom renovation in Churchlands and uses a porcelain vitrified tile which is by far the hardest tile to mitre. Not long ago doing mitres would be an expensive process as its a very time-consuming process but in 2017 you should never charge for mitres its just part of doing a great job that should be expected by all tradesman.
The other common option alternative to mitres is trim which has its pros and cons. The biggest con of a tiled mitred edge is by removing the biscuit you make the point brittle and exposing to a higher chance to break.
We at on the ball bathrooms always try to give you the best advice as possible if you do have any questions about your bathroom renovation or you would like a quote for you bathroom renovation project in Perth we are always happy to help. Please go to our website at www.ontheballbathrooms.com.au

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