4 Steps To Achieve A Stylish Family Bathroom

When creating your perfect family bathroom, getting the right balance between polished and practical can be a struggle. You often need to cater for a number of different requirements, whilst also looking to add your own personality and style into the mix. So how can all this be achieved? Here are four ways to combine style and function in the family bathroom to great effect:


1. Add plenty of storage

Firstly, have a think about how much storage you require. To transform the room from children’s play area to relaxing haven, you’ll need somewhere to store the chaos of toys and multiple toiletries. Why not opt for a floor standing vanity , as well as a mirror cabinet on the wall?

Bathroom Storage Perth 

2. Choose a bath shower mixer

A bath is a must for a young family, however busy parents often need the speed and efficiency of a shower, too. Choose a sleek bath shower mixer and pair it with a bath screen to get the best of both worlds.


Bath Mixer Perth

3. Install a heated towel rail

With many people using the bathroom on a daily basis, a heated towel rail is a fantastic solution for heating the room, as well as somewhere to warm up your towels.


4. Consider twin basins

If you have enough space, doubling up on washbasins guarantees peace and harmony in the midst of a busy family routine.

Bathroom Renovation Leeming

Always renovate to your needs. There are always alternatives in 2017 to maximise you bathroom space without loosing style.

Like most bathrooms in Perth, it sometimes lacks space so create space through the smart use of items.

As always if you have any questions or advice contact ontheballbathrooms@gmail.com or if you are looking for a quote by Perth’s best bathroom renovation company please call us on 0419964678




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  1. Mary Jean says:

    Hello 🙂 love this article hun we will be looking at renovating soon and will definitely be using you 🙂

    1. Thanks for the lovely words Mary. Please feel free to email us at ontheballbathrooms@gmail.com for all inquires about a bathroom renovation. Hopefully, you are in the Perth area. Hope you continue to love our articles.


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