Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Everybody needs storage!. It’s one of most common issues I hear day in day out. The problems in a small bathroom are you have no space, so where is the storage going to come from?. Below are three simple ideas to help hopefully, the first being the weirdly named Tall Boy

Tall Boy Storage Booragoon

Tall boys usually 400mm to 500mm wide allows you to put maximum storage in a small section of a bathroom using minimal wall space.

Bathroom Storage Perth

Another great way to maximize storage space in a small bathroom is to make the best use of the space on your vanity. Ordinary drawers and cabinets are hard to keep organized. Drawer inserts on your vanity will allow you to get full access to the items in your vanity opposed to cupboards where you push everything to the back.

All Draws – Willetton


Another way to find more storage space is to install recessed shelving wherever possible. Recessed shelving can be perfect in the shower, next to the bath or even near your vanity. The space can be wide enough to hold soap, shampoo or even cosmetics. You can make recessed shelving a decorative part of the bathroom by installing contrasting tiles in the recess of create a feature wall.

Shower Shelf

Always make the most of what you have. You don’t need to knock down walls and add thousands to your final costing just to get a little more storage. You can follow all these small easy tips to maximise your bathroom.

Like these bathroom renovations in Boorgaoon, Forrestfield and Jandakot the owners all wanted more if you are interested the before looks you can go to the link below


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