Pro’s and Con’s – Walk In Shower

Hobless walk in showers are becoming all the rage in bathroom renovations today but while some clothing products are marketed as “one size fits all,” this is not the right strategy for choosing a shower. From years of doing this I have often had the debate with clients between hobless or stepped walk in showers and it comes down to really are you comfortable with water.

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Functionality for everyone from grandkids to grandparents – With multiple generations living under the same roof for many Australian families, it is more important now than ever before to have a bathroom which will work for all members of the family. The biggest benefit of a walk in shower is the accessibility of a wheelchair. Being open and relativity flat a wheelchair can be rolled straight in to under the shower head with no struggle what so ever. Having no doors allows for anyone with difficulty grabbing parts a lot more enjoyable experience

Easier to clean than a shower enclosure – Cleaning a small corner or alcove shower enclosure can be a difficult elbow-bruising experience. After eliminating this the shower space is effectively opened up to the bathroom making it easier to reach in and clean.
One tip we have is getting a handheld shower with a hose in a combination that can make cleaning easier and reduce the need to bend over as well.


Show off your cool looking shower –An open frameless screen provides sight lines into the wet area which can show off an expensive border or just give the feel of a larger room.


Eliminates the cost and hassle of a shower door – Cleaning shower doors can be time-consuming and the cost of shower doors is not cheap. A frameless walk in shower gets rid of the need (and cost) of the shower door.

Disadvantages of a Frameless Walk in Shower

Too little privacy – Since a frameless shower is open it does not offer as much privacy as a shower enclosure. It is possible to minimize this problem by using obscure glass, glass blocks or curtains.


Water can get out – A challenge with this shower is there is no curb to hold the water into the wet area. This problem can be lessened by finding the right product to make an open shower work.

One tip to help with the water getting out is using a Rain head– The rain head keeps the water in a more concentrated spot vs. sliding shower rail which shoots out the shower

Heat will escape the shower making it colder – This is certainly a drawback since there is an opening in a shower without a door. A way to keep the space warmer is to use heated flooring.


Given these advantages and disadvantages, what do you think about a frameless shower for your home? Are you a friend or foe for this type of project? Please comment below with your thoughts

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