Stop Peeping Toms With The Humble Window

Bathroom windows are big features as they usually take up a big space of the bathroom and most of the time will be in your direct eye-line when you first look into the bathroom.

It’s important to pick the right window. In this feature we will quickly focus on glass block windows in dot points so i don’t bore you to death. Now take in mind this is for Perth bathroom market but might relate to you.


Glassblockwindow- with ventilation
Bathroom Renovation Canning Vale – Glass Block Window Savona


  • The designs have a wow factor you cant archive with any other window
  • You have the option to match in different colours
  • Can also be used as a shower screen wall to combine the two together
  • They are incredibly water resistant for in shower designs
  • Allow the maximum amount of light in with still giving privacy


  • Allow little to no ventilation (Ventilation Blocks are available)
  • Do not block out complete viewing of the bathroom
  • Lacks privacy
  • Can be considered outdated by some people
  • May offend potential buyers
Bathroom Renovation Canning Vale – Ventilation Blocks

There you have it, the pro’s and con’s of having a glass block window. Now as always it comes down to what you want to look at every day of you life and how a renovation suits your needs I personally like a glass block window especially if you are going conservative on colour it really give you a wow factor.

On the ball bathroom are Perth best bathroom renovation company specialise in adding value to your home.

Inquire today for advice or a quote as we always happy to help.


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