As Clear As Glass


Nothing makes a room feel smaller than a chunk of chrome or stainless steel in your face as you walk in the door. Who knows why making shower screens look like something from the transformer movies was popular but not in 2014 we seem to removing more than ever. It’s though important to note that a small amount of trim can go a long way practically. Two things are important to remember. Shower screens come in three types of sizes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thickness. The less trim the thicker the screen the more it will cost, the reason being is without trim the screen has to be stronger to stand on its own making it safe for day to day use. The other thing to remember is that unframed screens are not water tight in terms of they are unable to close completely leaving the smallest of gabs allowing for the screen to swing open it’s the sacrifice you make in trying to make the room feel bigger . My advice in renovating is why pay for change if that change can’t be seen. 

The Layout – This 2001 Canning Vale home is again similar to most late nighties early 2000’s home in the area. Same layout as before we renovated but we did small things to make it more practical. Instead of replacing a long shallow square bath with the same we installed a bricked up bath but in oval Shape which is far better for bathing, We built a nib wall to eliminate that gab between the screen and vanity. 


Completion Time – 7 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 900mm Classico Laminate Front With Crema Top 

Shower – 900mm x 2000mm Semi Frameless Screen

Taps – Square Sharp Taps 

Shower Head –  Sliding Shower Rail – Estillo 

Tiles – D’Caliza 300mm x 600mm and D’Caliza Floor 300mm x 300mm

Boarder – Creama Brown 150mm x 325mm

Mirror – Single Bevelled Mirror 900mm x 750mm

Bath – Decoma Oval Bath 1500mm x 800mm 


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